radiohead, fishmans, my bloody valentine(or swans i cant decide)
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
Tool, System of a Down and Koan Sound for variety.

(New tool album hype)

I'd be sad that I would never get to listen to Primus or The Ernie's again though.

Yeah, I only don't like erthtkv2 because of the mod's name. Make it "tkv2," and the mod will instantly become more popular. This is a valid reason as the name of the mod is still an important feature that no one seems to have yet discussed.
Pink Floyd
Max Martin (I found a loophole)
and... ummm I'll say Death since they have one of the strongest catalogs in metal.
Chipzel, Bossfight. I cant think of a third artist
Im the guy who made a Polish translation for Toribash
Also i might be a furry