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As times change, so does ranking!
universal mod rankings are back!

All Green Belt+ players can participate and fight people to gain rank by playing ranked games in public lobbies + special ranked rooms.
You will be unranked for your first 5 games and placed in a rank according to your Elo based on how you played while unranked.
Ranking resets once a month with mod rankings never resetting and staying permanently. Make sure you never give up!

After playing your qualification matches, you will receive a rank tier depending on your Elo:

Elo Hell (0 - 1580)
Bronze (1580 - 1600)
Silver (1600 - 1620)
Gold (1620 - 1640)
Platinum (1640 - 1660)
Diamond (1660+)

#1 Ranked Player
Comic Effects
Full 512x512 Body Textures

#2 Ranked Player
Comic Effects
Full 256x256 Joint Textures

#3 Ranked Player
Comic Effects
512x512 Ground Texture

4th Ranked Player: 93000 TC, 14 ST
5th Ranked Player: 86000 TC, 13 ST
6th Ranked Player: 80000 TC, 12 ST
7th Ranked Player:75000 TC, 12 ST
8th Ranked Player: 71000 TC, 11 ST
9th Ranked Player: 68000 TC, 11 ST
10th Ranked Player: 65000 TC, 10 ST
11th Ranked Player: 62000 TC, 10 ST
12th Ranked Player: 60000 TC, 9 ST
13th Ranked Player: 58000 TC, 9 ST
14th Ranked Player:56000 TC, 9 ST
15th Ranked Player: 55000 TC, 9 ST
16th Ranked Player: 54000 TC, 8 ST
17th Ranked Player: 53000 TC, 8 ST
18th Ranked Player: 52000 TC, 8 ST
19th Ranked Player: 51000 TC, 8 ST
20th Ranked Player: 50000 TC, 8 ST

Diamond Players
Comic Effects
Random Elite joints

Platinum Players
Comic Effects
Random Tier X Joints

Gold Players
Hit Effects
Random Tier VIII Joints

Silver Players
Hit Effects
Random Tier V Joints

Bronze Players
Hit Effects
Random Tier II Joints

Other Info

You can only receive prizes on one account.

Users caught rank farming or abusing the system will have their Elo reset back to default.
Severe cases of farming / exploiting will also result in a ban placed on every associated account.

Good luck and have fun playing!

note: similar to Battlepass, ranking will be constantly ongoing so there may be changes to minor things every now and then!
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Originally Posted by amebolas View Post
what about modranks?

what about them?
pm me your questions or applications


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for the current time being, no, however, it is something that might change in the future
pm me your questions or applications


dance with my dogs in the night time
cash to burn
are mod ranks linked to the ranked servers only or are they global? and is it possible to see our mod rank after each fight, i want it like the good ole days every official server counted towards your rank, would be nice
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Ancient, does the fact that pple can just dodge mod like just spec when the bad mod come for them isn t it a system abuse or smthg ?
some pple dodge even up to 2 mod out of 4 so i was woundering if that s minded to make us play like dodging simulator
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Originally Posted by Moonshake View Post
The lenshu3ng_aw_sarena mod is SERIOUSLY terrible and should not be in the ranked rotation. None of the top players I've talked to enjoy it. If nobody hits 100k, it takes 5 minutes. If you both hit 100k in the same turnframe, it's a draw. Just replace it with the original lenshu3ng, or, if I was supreme leader, greykido. But most people would probably just want lenshu3ng back. People are literally spectating to avoid playing that mod.

Looks like this wasn't even acknowledged -- and also, the longest possible match isn't 5 minutes. It's 10 minutes.