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(l) Liquor Recruitment

Wanna get drunk? Think you can outdrink ME?

Well post your application here.

Post a freeform application including GMT, Discord, why you want to join, and any information on you that could be useful to use.

Realize, we are a family here, you are asking to be apart of it. Put in good effort, we will put in good votes. Bad effort or no effort equal no invite and no votes.

Join our discord Discord

I started playing in 2014 with my friend called brefox.I was a lot of unofficial clans.Joined the clans when created and left when dead.Then I joined official clans:[Ae],[AS],[Aeon],[re],[Tribe].My first clan was (quack).I left these official clans due to inactivity.I don't consider myself as a pro.I playing for fun.I got a lot of friends on TB.TB can be very fun when you playing with friends and with your clan.

Yeah I'm a 17 years old highschool student.I learning mechanical enginering.I'm not an average teenager who just studying because of their parents.I like to Studying history,mechanical enginering,programming,foreign languages and psychology.My teachers always call me creative.I like to play games such as Toribash,chess,strategy and logic games.

I know.Very cool sora but why you want to join?Whats your efforts to join?
OH YES YES I left Tribe because of inactivity.I really liked the Tribe guys but I'm back to toribash and now I'm searching for active clans.This is why i choosed Liquor.I know like 90% of the members and I'm happy to see active clans in these dead times.

Team Lenshu|Anime United|Proud ex-member of Liquor
Welcome to the family, my dude!

these fam are unforgettable for sure

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Toribash History

I started playing Toribash at October 6, 2013 on an account named yoy2321. The reason I started playing Toribash was because a couple friends of mine, recommended the game to me and they said it was free, so I downloaded it and fell in love with it in only a few minutes. I started to play daily and since I got bored using the yoy2321 account, I decided to make an account named Tobreak, which happens to be this account. That Tobreak account became my main account for nearly 5 years and I have lots of memories while using that name. At around mid 2014, I remembered joining Monk, and I stayed there for a relatively long time, I made loads of friends and memories whilst being in Monk, but sadly it died due to inactivity. Another notable clan I remembered being in was Ultimate [u] I don't really remember when I joined [u], but I remembered learning a lot about being better at the game while in this clan. [u] was the first clan where I actually tried really hard to get better for the Clan League but it just didn't work out because it was inactive. The latest clan I was in was All Stars [AS], I joined AS because Trestet who was a friend of mine created it and there were also a couple of people I know too. Being in AS was really fun, I made a good amount great memories and knowledge. I started to think about leaving the clan when Trestet left, but I stayed in the clan until it decided to merge with [WAPOW], I got an invitation to join WAPOW but I declined it, as it didn't really interest me.

Before claiming the name Lisa, as previously mentioned this account was called Tobreak, but I also namechanged to Juan before claiming the name Lisa.


I'm currently 15 years old and will be 16 at October 22, 2018. My nationality is Indonesian and my GMT is +7. If you want to add me on discord, my discord tag is Lisa#0001. I'm currently a freshmen in High School and I'm studying Business and IT. I would consider myself to be quite extroverted, as I get along with people relatively easily both in game and in real life. My hobbies are: playing games, playing tennis, listening to music and watching NBA games. Well I think that's pretty much what I could say about myself.

Why Liquor?

There are multiple reasons as to why I want to join Liquor. The first reason is that Liquor has been proven to be a good clan and very active in the past, and I think Liquor can achieve greatness easily. The second reason as to why I want to join Liquor is that Liquor seems to be a family, and I would like to be a part of it. The third and final reason is that I don't really know most of the members in Liquor yet, and making new friends is always nice.
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Posted, take your time to hang out with us at our lovely bar...

these fam are unforgettable for sure

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Idk what im doing.
About me

Im from Finland the place of Santa Claus and reindeers xd

Im 24 yrs old and i like to listen music, play guitar and of course play toribash.

Im not that good of an introducer so come talk to me you`ll get to know me better that way.

Im not that good of an english speaker but i hope we will break the languange barrier together xd

About me in toribash

I started playing toribash in 2011 and didnt achieved anything i was a noob an i ragequitted like most of toribash players... i started playing again in 2018 and found myself a first clan (HAKKAA) I learned there a trick or two about the game and started thinking a better clan since HAKKAA wasnt really an official clan. I hope that we can do teamwork in Liquor as improving my toribash skills as getting my english better

Hi there, we are still discussing about you at our secret basement. Feel free to chat around with us.

these fam are unforgettable for sure

Aegis | jdawg2001 | rawrneru | Manta | DarkDranz | Trice | Raiken

Aeon - RAM - Liquor

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Hi there, we are still discussing about you at our secret basement. Feel free to chat around with us.

Lets see if we can get good ole home made moonshine, shall we?
My application
Brief History on me in toribash.
I started this account on Dec 16, 2017 toribash was a game i went to everyday all day. but i soon lost interest, After about a month or two i joined back and tried joining some clans For example. Sixpaths and other good clans.
I'm a 12 year old nearly 13 year old boy my nationality is Australian. I enjoy Games with logic in them such as toribash because if you understand the game its fun and amazing to sit back and watch a kickass replay i made. I find myself not bad at toribash.
Why Liquor?
I've been looking for a clan lately and i tried to make my own, That didnt work out so I've been looking for a clan i can grow in and make friends and maybe even learn a thing or two.
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