Head Texture of the Month: Finish It!
Im a experienced and honest fighter.After every game i say GG.My rank is very good.
Im only 11 years old but im very good!
My real name is Damjan,My username is Avrum.
Im a brown belt.
i dont have GMT i have CET
My best mods are:Aikido,judo,footmod,xspar,katana,mushu,ninjuts u,rk-mma and basketball.

My worst mods are:noob mods
Im an excellent student in school.My grades are all A's and im active on Toribash every day!!!
And the other requirements also:Im not a dick i dont spam, i dont show mercy,i dont jump to other clans and i always ask before doing something.
Youll need a fighter like me!
I say no to avrum look at his post count........
As well as r2 either you pick up the activity ASAP or be kicked
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belt:white (I'm an alt)
best mod(s):mushu, pendulumjumper,xspar
worst mod(s)twinswords
(optional) a little bit about yourself:Im a gamer
Recruitment form: From RutZ0r
age: 14
name/username: Rutz0r
belt: green (alt) (Real is 2nd)
GMT: 4
best mod(s): ABD . Mushu . Rk.mma . Wushu
worst mod(s) : Judo . Parkour . AirKido
(optional) a little bit about yourself: Im josh in real life . and i like playing with friends and chat with them . i like to join this clan so i can more friends and practise with them :3
name/username: CJJJJ IRL: Justin Chen
belt: Orange, but my alternate account is brown belt (cjustin141)
GMT: -5:00
best mod(s): Runkido, parkour, aikido and mushu
worst mod(s): Judo, footmod and twin swords
(optional) a little bit about yourself: I do martial arts in real life and love to play Toribash.
I respect my clan-mates and I am always a good sport.

Thus, I would appreciate it if you accepted me.

My User Card: