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Connection Issues

Many players at some point encounter a connection issue, there are several cases where this might happen.
In general you can't tell if the problem is A, B, C, or D easily, however you should test for A & D before trying B or C.

A) Your belt has ranked up, and you can no longer join the servers you used to play on.
B) Your firewall is blocking Toribash.exe
C) Your router is blocking the ports Toribash uses.
D) Your Toribash client is outdated. (Versions below 3.94)

Case A)
If you have ranked up you will find that if you can no longer join beginner servers, you can instead join intermediate servers.
-- Server ranks are as follows:
  • Beginner.....: White Belt to Yellow Belt
  • Intermediate.: White Belt to Green Belt
  • SemiPro......: White Belt to Brown Belt
  • BlackBelt....: Black Belt and up
  • Ultimate.....: Black Belt 3rd Dan and up

Case B)
On some firewalls, you just need to allow all connections for the Toribash executables (tb.exe and toribash.exe).
On other firewalls you may need to be specific and list IP's and ports to allow connections for.
You can use portforward's website for information on how to set up firewalls.

If your firewall is blocking Toribash's executables directly:
-- Open your firewalls settings.
-- Add 'toribash.exe' and 'tb.exe' to the exception list.
-- (These files can be found in the installation path, which by default is "C:/Games/Toribash-x.x/" (where x.x is your version number))

If your firewall requires you to specify ports and IP's:
You will need to add a range of exceptions, you should find out how to add an exception and use the IP/port list at the bottom for which exceptions to add.

If you have ZoneAlarm
ZoneAlarm has IM (Instant Messaging) protection, which blocks IRC.
You should follow the other steps and also unblock IRC by going to:
..........IM security->Settings->Advanced->Block IRC.

Case C)
In case C it is recommend you use for information on how to set up a router.
This problem is common with some ISP's, (Internet Service Providers) and some routers.
If you find that neither Case A or Case B were the problem, you should try to port forward.

Read here for information about router spikes

Case D)

Basically this means that any version of Toribash below 3.94 does not work on the newer servers.
You will not be able to connect unless you update your client to Toribash version 3.94 or higher.

You may find the latest version of Toribash here.

IP & Port list for Toribash:
Ports: 20000 to 20300 and 53. Plus 22000 and 22001 to have lobby working. -( : to get all game updates, textures, etc.)

Will add more IPs when the information comes.

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