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Tabby: Sweet True Lies (Anime Season 3 Reveal)
Studio CHIRS presents the long awaited sequel to the [a]nime universe:
Tabby: Sweet True Lies

After the events of the first [a]nime, relations between Aeon and Adventure have broken down.
Tabby, devastated to have lost both homes, embarks on a quest to rekindle the old friendship between the clans.
But the anger and the lies go deeper than she could have ever imagined...

Join Tabby in this drama/action anime as she tries to unite those who don't want to be united and uncovers the true enemy of Toribash!
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i am so hyped for this season :O

me too it looks like it’s full of death and action
who's the true enemy of toribash
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Chirs just make a full episode already

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i'd subscribe for this

these fam are unforgettable for sure

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