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Zinx's Multiplayer dump
Just made it for a video

I usally don't do sparring, Just running.

So Here's my first attempt!
Please rate mostly me, not the other guy ( I have pharos )
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epicspar.rpl (1.29 MB, 30 views)
the first flaw is
you lost
but otherwise it was quite good
there were some points where you could have made kicks out of movements you did but well...
i liked the short run up the pillar
and the headspin was pretty cool too
overall 7,5/10 i'd say
Pretty nice, although I couldn't see the mod and you guys looked like you were floating I can still see you pull out some nice kicks , etc.
Pretty nice replay, I like the replay. Although your arms look pretty stiff to me and unrealistic. But that's my opinion.
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This isn't my best, but it's still pretty good, I think I over did the heli's but what the hell
<3 cercropes

I'm trying to learn how to dance/break dance.
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Cercropesspargood.rpl (664.0 KB, 13 views)
urm about an 8 for me, i thought u looked kind of stiff sometimes but otherwise i liked the replays, and nice wallruns/heli's lol
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