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The ability to change in-game Bruise color.
Hi, I thought of an interesting idea.
Having the ability to change your bruise color would be nice.
It could be one item, for example, "Astro Bruise". And it does exactly what it says, changes the bruise color.
Bruise Now:

What bruise can be:

This could create some really unique designs.
It can be done via notepad already, I don't imagine it'd be hard to implement an item for it.
-Open your items file, located in your customs folder.
-Go to the "ITEM 0;" line.
-Edit the 6th to the last number with whatever ID of the color you want to be the bruise
Thanks for reading, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.
bumping this. I tested some colours ingame and they look gorgeous. Almost every item can have its colours changed, i don't see why not implement this too.

Aqua bruise

Velvet bruise

Toxic bruise

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