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Need Logo Design (Paying Well)
Title says it

I need logo for social media such as instagram and some other platforms
Wanna reopen my old project
Ballroom Dancesport DJ (DSDJ) Korotkoff
So it's music related as you can see.
My job is about creating music instrumentals for ballroom dancesport, remixing popular songs etc. It's like usual DJ but for dancesport.

About my preferences:
Something very simple, may be minimalistic or modern styled. I even thought about having only one word "Korotkoff" as my logo. Anyway, need something recognizeable coz im gonna use it alot in social media.
It's not necessary to have this DSDJ prefix but if you feel it fits nicely then do it.
Some people in dancesport know me as Korotkoff, so i guess it's important to have this word in logo.

But it was just my thoughts about it and you can do whatever you think is cool.
It's bunch of popular dancesport instagram accounts will advertise me, so large audience will see your work, keep that in mind.

Now to the intresting parts
Im paying all my tc, which is currently around 38,5k and big amount of items i have in my inventory, such as full shaman, full hydra, dq texture, 512 head texture, azurite lax and some other items you may like
I guess it's somewhere around 200k tc, coz i don't really play toribash nowdays and don't know current prices.

If you have any questions - feel free to ask here or via PM
Good luck, dear artists
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Ho-ho! Ha-ha!
my discord is s1lvered#3350 if you are interested.
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