Endurance Onslaught 3.0
WELCOME TO THE CLAN KLIVIAN89!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
that ^ is how you reply to a application all nos members
"I don't need a safety word because my mother didn't raise no quitter." ~BaraYaoi - BDSM Expert
Hi My Name Is SuBZ3rO3/IRL:Leke (dont judge)Im in Albania but my english is perfect
Im 12 years old and i am a very good TB player.I alos know some stuff about clans
My belt is Brown and i d like to join Nos Cuz it is awesome, i can help,and i have some Friends adn because i really do think that this is gonna be at the top of the clan ranking list
My Belt is currently brown (about to be black)
If u want to contact Im on skype and im active everyday on toribash
I never Got banned so Im a good player
My Alt is SuBZE so im white there but yaeah

P.S tell me if i did anything wrong and what would u like me to tell u or even do

Those were my reasons of me.Tell me what u think. Peace guys ;)
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Originally Posted by SuBZ3rO3 View Post
because i really do think that this is gonna be at the top of the clan ranking list

what that supposed to mean?
"I don't need a safety word because my mother didn't raise no quitter." ~BaraYaoi - BDSM Expert
XD i think that i can help this clan get at the top of the clan ranking list

Srry for spelling and wrong sentences
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oh lol no problem.

Yes! Now we're in the same clan again!
The Smoke Will Never Clear
I'm back baby 💙💫 #LLPS
Hey ilikepie, It was flyace who invited me, he tested me in game

And kliv you made it! XD
I wish to follow the ways of the people of Nitro.
My name is Frankie, 15 years of age. I am a blue belt, but my main was a seventh dan black belt, before I quit for a year and got a new CPU, and lost the password. I have been playing online fighting games since seven years of age, I am now 15. I have gone through no other clans but wish to join this one, mainly for the new experience. Now I am here applying to join Nitro.

I live in North Carolina, USA. Its simple where I live, but I love it. I have one special skill, the ability to make someone do something they wish not to do. I am quite in-game active, because its fun to see and learn new moves. I have had 0 bans or infractions. I have a clean plate.

This is my application, and I hope to become a member of Nitro, just like you guys.

Good Day,
Hi, I am Zach!!!

My friend klivian89 joined this clan and i am about as good as him. At aikido, judo...

My best mod is wushu however I am good at aikido aswell.

Klivian and I are besties and started at white belt together and made our way up. I am now a brownbelt, rank 105000.

I would like to join this clan because I feel I can help this clan and I know you are a bunch of good people who wanna have fun. Plus my friend joined and we wanna be in this clan.

I live in Thailand, Bangkok and I play atleasy 5 hours a day. I am forum active al the time.

I also want to learn some moves from fellow clan mates and maybe I got a few moves up my sleeve for them.

My previous clans were: Trick, Pheonix, TheGod. I left these because I did not know they were all noob. My current clan is Rome however I will quit if I make it in here. The reason I am not quitting now is because if I don't make it in, I won't have a clan.


oh yes zach u wanna join a polite clan like nos. hmmm ya rome is not very polite i guess. The leaders dont respect u well. I have been in that situation.
oh yes sorry for the signature btw.
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I am the egg man but with another nick. SO SHUT UP OR I WILL EGG U.