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Hi guys, coming with this suggestions that nobody likes.

I think this was suggested before, but close it if I was correct.

So pretty much I based on "QI Search Tool" Thread.

How this works?
You enter in a board, then you forget where your thread was and you are too lazy to find it.
so in a little part of the screen there would be something like this:

Toribash Community->Events[/SIZE]
Search: thread name

and I put this:

Search: Parrot Tourney

And results would be there.
Results would be in different forms (Rate, Oldest, Newest, etc)

And there would be threads that have that name(perfect, with perfect I mean if you put "Parrot Tourney" Threads would appear in first with "Parrot Tourney" in the title, I hope you know what I mean.)

After that if there's no results, there can be tags or options that can help you, for example:

There was no results! But you can still search this options:

"Parrot" "Tourney"

Some negative posts:

Originally Posted by Acutebigbowl
You can still search it on Google

and If there's not what you want?

Originally Posted by Acutebigbowl
Still useless, why you want to search some threads that are old?

Maybe is a clan, with good information, a historic event, I don't know, but something with good information.

Originally Posted by Acutebigbowl
Toriprime has this option, and members without Toriprime can do it easily typing "blank"

Newbies would not know about this, and maybe this feature can do the torilife more easy for them.

Well that's the basic, but maybe there's some smart member that comes here and kills my thread.

Well it's done.
tell me what you think about this.
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This is one of the perks when you buy toriprime
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hmm well...

This would not be added, because there's on Toriprime.

My bad.

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