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Texture 3d Items
I think it would be good if you could add textures to the 3D items. It could just be a flat and you then put the texture on it, Just like normal item textures.
I think it would open a lot of possibilities up.
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umm the new toribash has .obj
which is ofc 3d
try them!
get an .obj from internet and press /obj for help

I got no idea what this has to do with textures?
sorry for that didnt understand the thread
anyway this is a great idea
but i dont think it will be cool on the current 4 items beacuse this way thier names would be useless
.obj can be textured ofcourse
so it will be easy to make and cool
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3D items already have textures, just not ones that can be prodded by users

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I think this is a great idea, before the march madness event had started i saw quibic in game warring a pear of headphones and after i thought it looked so cool so i went into his custom folder and took all the things i needed changed the texture and now my uke in single player is wearing a customised pair of headphones and it isn't even that hard to do. Would love to see this idea implemented, epically with all of the new and much cooler 3D item being released now it will be a load of fun if you were able to have them customiseable. Also during the march madness event i was speaking to quibic on the AdPhones irc and asked him if we were going to be able to customise the headphones if we do win any, and he said that he would defiantly fight to have as much player customisation as he could get for the headphones but he wasn't sure if it was even possible to have that or not. I really want this to be made possible
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mayhaps we could purchase a more expensive version of the 3d item with a texture option?
ie sub[textured] shuttershades[textured] propellerhat[textured]
that way the ones already in the economy would be valued differently and their names would still work.
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I don't think textures would look good on anything other than greenhats. So we could go for simple color changes for specific areas instead. Much simpler.