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objects with gravity
by now everyone knows you can create mods. you just make the objects, set rotations, triggers, ect and then you set the gravity. but what if you could make objects with gravity? imagine parkour maps where you can run on a ceiling and floors, or a spar where you go from fighting on ground to on a wall.

i really hope this isnt in the game already, by now some one should have though of it
that reminded me about two scripts from ages ago.
planet script that works exactly as what you described here, dafe adressed few problems connected with it aswell.
another script based on this,

Concept looks solid i wouldn't put priority on it though.
This is a great suggestion, but quote this part in your post:

"The moment you step into the field of gravitation pull from the new object, the gravity from the ground would be disabled, but this would all be achieved with triggers and all sorts of different editing things."

But I do support this.