There's only an 'Adventure' still under my name because I have control of the Tori-clan page and it won't allow me to quit.
i have just one last thought about this. How could anybody be in this clan for 7 month when the history says it was created in 2011?

[a] Thread of History (Inprogress)
-Jan 5th 2011
Adventure is made
-Jan 5th 2011
Zoro Muur and Lucent Join the Clan
-Jan 5th 2011
Devil Gets Rejected (badly)
-Jan 6th 2011
Boredpayne and Ponzo became allie
-Jan 7th 2011
I got a charger to go ingame
-Jan 7th 2011
First day of recruitment begans
-Jan 8th 2011
Rfifan Joins Clan and Assilent Added
to allies
-Jan 9th 2011
Adventure holds a Sponsor Tourney

-Feb 24th 2011
Adventure Gets Official

according to that It was made in 2011 and that shows the time unoffical
Must be wrong i guess huh.
Actually, that should be right.

If my calculations involving the time I saw Adventure made and the events which I remember back to the turn of the year are correct, Adventure really was made in 2011. Early in 2011, but still in 2011.
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