In GamE NamE: Zeeky
BelT: Blue Belt
favorite Mod: leftknife
Courtry: USA
Time Always PlaY: 2-4 hours almost every day
Why What To Join: im not in a clan and i really want to be, (this clan looks like pwnage)
Can You Pay Some Tc To Clan:A little, i bought lots a stuff latley, so 35 TC
hoho123 are you inactive? I think he is inactive because i send a pm to he and he not answered.
In GamE NamE:squashable
BelT:Blue Belt
favourite MoD:twinswords4.btm and jousting.btm
Time Always PlaY:Friday,Saturday, Sunday, on holidays-everyday
Why What to JoiN:I like the name HeRo.
In GamE NamE: PopexSSJ
BelT: Blue
favorite Mod: Classic/wushu
Courtry: Poland
Time Always PlaY: 6-8 hours
Why What To Join: I like the name HeRo too.
Can You Pay Some Tc To Clan: I have only 500tc because i bought new items ;s but i can give 500 :P

In game name: Zyphendry
Belt: Brown
Favorite Mod: Either akido, sumo, judo, or wushu (and sambo)
Country: United States
Time Always Play: Everyday especially weekends.
Why What To Join: I want to be part of an official clan. Also, cool name
Can You Pay Some Tc To Clan: I will once I get my head texture.
We don't hire night janitors.