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damn you're interesting

opener was sort of slow, but fantastic. the movement was equally as fantastic.
dm's were executed in weird positions at a rapid pace, felt gooooood

as usual, spin4lyfe
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larfen your replays are amazing litteraly I love'em the oathkeeper satanic cheese and light grenades, thos replayer were amazing keep up the good work
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I really liked the double knee and double pec combo dood, classy.
Pretty much everything was awesome, dms were wtf.
Liked how you went for a spinny skeet, becauz of that u get +swag.
ok here's something less retarded then
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[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
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only shallow - nice opener done in your style, but you extend and contract before the knee dm ;o. that quick punch to the hip wasn't really needed imo. transition to the decap + pec was nice and flowing, as was the other pec. i think i can see that you tried to get that other hip dm but failed to, i don't mind it that much though. i was a bit dissapointed when you threw away the arm because i was hoping for a bigger bang at the end. nice pose
Last kick was kinda sloppy and you fucked up the flow between last 2 kicks.
The first 2 hits were cool as fuck tho
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