my words wasn't just some kind words i applied to ORMO a lot of times but i got denied
because i wasn't creative enough so i think your replays are creative enough
if they didn't let you join i will be mad cx
not me as well? awwww. Also just a bit more training and you will get into ormo. I mean I did, in a way.
So I was just trying to just experiment with some new stuff

Here, cnc kgo
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!T-Combo9.rpl (1,001.5 KB, 28 views)
Ayyy what's good?

So, first of all, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals, and a happy new year.

Second of all, apologies for me going away I've been having a bunch to deal with, and exams n shet.

Lastly, it's the 10th combo, so I tried pulling off something a little mind-blowing.
It's the first 2-digit tricking combo in this thread.
So decided it should be something cool
Gonna be doing the same for the 20th, 30th and so on.

Apologies for the little increase in twitching
Life been doing its thing and I lose motivation suddenly so it's weird.

But here ya go, I tried pulling off a double cork at the end, not the best landing but I will work on it and show y'all a better landing

And maybe try to decrease the amount of ghosting with the legs on the double cork.
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!T-Combo10.rpl (757.2 KB, 29 views)
Originally Posted by Kurokaen View Post
please fix the last move
id say the rest of the replay is F L A W L E S S

Originally Posted by Joon View Post
I agree with kurokaen. Fix the last move and its perfect

Oof, still couldn't fix it.

But in the meantime I made another combo, tried experimenting with splits and crowd awakeners, crowd awakener knife etc, idk.
I really tried to make -30 look a lot more lighter in this.
Tell me what ya think
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