Head Texture of the Month: Cube Head
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Felepeno Is new ^^
Hey guys im the felepeno, Ive played this game alot (2nd Dan) And im coming back as a new user,
Oh also im a Decent video editor so if anyone wants a video just snap and we'll discuss ^^
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It's glad you're coming back! Since you mostly know what your doing, as you did say you were a second dan, I'm pretty sure you won't have many problems around here. But, it's a shame you didn't stick around with your previous account.
So you're a Filipino eh? Me too! Mabuhay! Welcome back to Toribash. As Hacks said, you might need much help so I'm just here to say good luck with your new account.
a spoon.
Thank you. And i dont need help ^^ I just want a new fresh start, Anyways guys i am gonna be posting a video soon, Look out for it.