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Highest head throw
Well, there was a "competition" about who could throw a head the highest... and well, I thought it would be a good record^^ As far as i know, its the highest.
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Re: Highest head throw
Blah,you pwn me.
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Re: Highest head throw
Gah, darn, and I thought I might've had something with my 25 meter toss XD
Oops, wrong one
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Here's a 104.24 meter head toss.

Title of Record: Highest Head Throw
Measurement of Record: 104.24 m
Relevant Settings: Dismember Threshold: 100
Mods Used: None
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My highest headthrow bloodymess...umm btw, were can I find those meters?

You had about 35.
/altimeter 1
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