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DownHill Parkour

Hey, felt like this area was scarce of mods and I want to play on some new pk mods, so here's one I kinda made for myself but i'll put it here too, it's not a masterpiece but maybe you'll have some fun on it. A few gap areas, that weird glass area in the middle if you feel like climbing or something. Skip it and go straight down if not.

I wanted this to be a short pk. Nothin too fancy. There aren't enough new, short, PK mods around. So i'll throw this in. Threw this together in a very short amount of time (should be clear)

You can slide on those rails on the first gap.


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sup dude i made a quick replay on this mod i didn't even finish lol ( i'm not the best at pk so don't expect high tier stuff)

Also i really like this mod, it is short and good for multiplayer. It also reminds me of a skate park and i'm not sure why (maybe the color scheme)

The only thing i see that could have been improved was the end you could have maybe added a extra vault or wall to climb. cause the building with nothing on is felt plain (but maybe that's just me)
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I tried quickly your mod ^^

The mod looks really great btw really good job, just one thing, the first platform where we start slips a little apart from that the rest is pretty good
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whats the point lol
i've seen so many mods exactly like this

i'm pretty sure jisse said this to you and you completely disregarded what he said but just because u are "making the mods for yourself" u can atleast put like a little bit of effort into them. this mod feels just as generic as every other parkour mod where u don't have much room to move

u can make cool mods but u don't anymore

this mod wasn't meant to be spacious. It was meant to be generic and straight forward.
(which some of my favorite older mods are)

I was even planning on making a pack of very short below 30 Object PK's
because those were the ones me and some older people enjoyed before
things got "big and spacious" and take hours to complete online.

They weren't super creative, big, nor spacious, and they were straightforward.
But still enjoyed, because people who just wanna sit down with a friend and
pump out a quick Pk replay, don't want that. And I've spoken
to many people who have agreed with that statement.

If you want me to make something bigger and more creative I can.
But this mod wasn't supposed to serve that purpose. Nor take Jisse's Critique.

Almost like me making a Peanut Butter Jelly. And sharing it with my friends.
Yes I can make gourmet food and have before. But the simplicity of a PB&J sometimes is what people want.
Not always a huge mod that takes forever to complete with intense detail and precision in the placement every object.

I simply didn't have the time to work on one of my more elaborate, larger, creative, ones.
In which I will try to implement critique on.

As the first comment said on this thread: by Stance "Also i really like this mod, it is short and good for multiplayer."

That's it's purpose.
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You are a fucking joke for still trying to explain your worthlessness. Stop making useless shit and then explaining why they are absolute shit. And Bring up 50 excuses to why or "oh i planned this" etc. It's honestly annoying at this point.

Not even trying to be hostile. It just is really fucking hard to not be when you act like a stuck up brat and don't change. If people say it's boring and bland. Don't come with more excuses that no one cares about.

I don't even want to bother anymore with Cncing or comenting on anything that you do anymore. There's no end to your thick skull - mack said it's not with a C.

Take fuckin cnc as it is. If it is bad then stop trying to tell yourself that it's "oh i planned it like that" or whatever the fuck. It's honestly anoying. Just do mods for fun if it is what you say you do them gfsjikgbnikeodpsrNGKOLESjmfgikoler gk whatever.

I'm drunk and this is prolly getting snipped. Who cares. Neat mod for a short newmodwanting newcomer or someone that wants something to throw 30 mins at. For longer than a month or two it's completely forgotten.

And if you pull the "i dun hev teim" bs then you might aswell stop saying "i'm doing it for fun". BECAUSE when someone does it for fun they don't take in regard of what people think of slight or MAJOR issues that are bland blablabla. Who cares.

Do mods for the fun of it. I or the community don't care but appreciate it still. All we ever do is try to help with telling you it's boring to see a new version of something we've seen 1 000 times.

Drunksoysauce out

I did go a little overboard but still i made my points clear. Sorry for any harshness that might've gone over the edge.
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what xioi said basically

doing something for fun =/= doing it quickly and lazily, making a creative map =/= making a map that takes hours to complete

be unique
I wrote alot but I deleted it.

To sum it up.

I'm not going to defend my Lesser work if I didn't intend it to be lesser.

IF I make a shit mod and tried my best, I will of course seek guidance because
I clearly thought it was good. Because that'll help me get better.

This was clearly something I didn't try on and said so up top.

I shouldn't have said anything after Sleepwalking and Ettiquette or whatever his name is.

Because they were just dissapointed I didn't try. Which is true. I DID not try. I should've just aplogized for not trying and
told them i'll give them a mod where I try harder next time.

But what Xioi implies is blatantly false, because from his Drunk Ramble he is implying I did try, (failed), and then tried to cover my
lack of mod-making ability with excuses.

But regardless my final statement on this matter is

Yes I didn't try hard on this.

Why? - People don't seem to care, because it's seen as an "excuse to not better myself" So i'll keep why to myself.

Will I Improve on future mods? - On the ones I try on. Because those I will apply CNC i've received such as working on making
my objects not too large and clunky. Work on better colors. Not so much parallel objects. Playing with non-static objects more. Etc.

And I'm apologizing to Ettiquette and Sleepwalking for snapping at you.
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