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Toribash 5.44
Hi, Toribash 5.44 is now available on Steam!

5.44 August update

Updates in 5.44:

  • Notifications
    Your forums PMs can now be viewed directly in game client. No more checking forums to see whether you've got TC from other players or what item you've won in an event!

  • Global Quests
    Global quests allow you to get rewards for hitting certain gameplay milestones, be it gaining a new belt, inviting friends to Toribash, winning games in certain mods and so on. Global quests are available in the Quests tab.

  • New login and register screen
    Both screens got the new look - and it's not just the looks but we've also added the referral system to the registration. You can now invite your friends to Toribash, have them specify your name during registration, and once they hit 100 Qi you both will be able to get free stuff!

  • General menu optimizations
    Main menu should load up quicker now, and generally work slightly better.

  • Various bug fixes

With Toribash 5.44 we've dropped support for 32-bit macOS systems and will now only release the 64-bit version of the game.
Windows and Linux will stay 32 bit for now, but that may change with any future updates.

Get Toribash on Steam:
Download Toribash 5.44 standalone for Windows:
Download Toribash 5.44 standalone for macOS:
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sadly can't install this version cuz vc redist problem
might stay at 5.43 for now
M e H
Elizviel #3261
msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll are missing is what its telling me so it will not run standalone

(i completely uninstalled tb and reinstalled with no luck 2 times)
Hi, August update is now available!
This update is mainly focused on remastering the Bounty system, realtime ghosts and bug fixes to the 5.44 version.

Bounty updates

You can now view the list of active bounties, add bounties on your friends and see your global bounty stats!

In addition to game client updates, we've done several updates to the game servers that were pushed live earlier last Friday:

  • Getting a win streak of 5 (on at least 3 different players) will automatically trigger a 500 TC bounty on your head

  • Every fight you win in a public room with an active bounty will make you win a portion of it - you essentially get a TC booster!

  • Joining a room with a bounty on will notify everyone inside that you're being hunted

We've also removed the old 2000 TC fee on adding bounties, woohoo!

Realtime ghost updates

In short, we've made it possible to see realtime ghosts not only for spectators, but also for players currently fighting. We're also going to enable realtime ghosts in most public rooms later this week for everyone to try it out, so get ready to mind games with your opponents!

To try realtime ghosts in your own rooms, use /realtimeghost command.

Other stuff

  • Standalone installer for Windows should now check if you have the required VC++ Redist installed and download/install if it's missing
  • Fixed a uielement3d.lua bug that was causing draw() loop to stutter when attempting to display a non-existent 3d model
  • Confirmation boxes for activating items / adding bounties and such now follow the general design style instead of legacy gui
  • /opt realtimeghost and /rtghost commands have been deprecated - game client now always follows the server setting
  • Decreased realtimeghost update intervals and fixed a bug that was causing latest ghost not to refresh if joint states were changed quickly after last update

  • Lua API updates
    • get_lua_userinfo([string username]) to download user info from server
      See PlayerInfo:getServerUserInfo() (script/system/player_info.lua) for usage example
    • download_inventory([string username]) to download user inventory from server (will download logged in user's inventory to data/script/torishop/invent.txt and specified user's inventory to data/script/torishop/uinvent.tmp)
      See Torishop:getInventoryRaw() (script/system/store_manager.lua) for usage example
If you leave the bounty menu before it finishes the update, the new icons get stuck in whatever menu you are in until you leave it/refresh it.

Img thing

Everything else seems to be good tho, gj.
Pushed an update to Steam and updated standalone installer for Windows:

Game client:
- Fixed realtimeghost option being disabled by default
- Fixed bounty stats display getting stuck if leaving Bounty menu mid-load
- Fixed a possible menu crash when fetching localization data

- Fixed "Spectated during the match" message to only display if one of active fighters spectates