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Mano na moral jс que sou muito mais experiente que Vannia.
Eu retire a Neon como aliado e continua caindo no papo de uma fake.
well, members and allies, I would ask that if any member of the neon post here to report it, they are not welcome here
Me and texatz are your rival?
you're dead
go war?
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Originally Posted by Noobie212 View Post
TBH, you and texatz are noobs..
Stop thinking your pro LOL

my God
than face ridicule, is fake and is noob.
let a duel?
papavodka you is not welcome here (Reported)
Viliuxazz accepted
Originally Posted by SchVannia View Post
True that, Also wana be in my sig?

Sch Yes, it would appear in you cool your sig
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Hey, when would we be doing the duel against Neon? I am going to be camping most of Saturday and all of Sunday, but I am home all day Mon-Fri next week.
I don't really fight... I just SUMO