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Originally Posted by DarKFull View Post
We can mark after lunch.
I'll talk to my members.

Sorry, but as requested single enemy, will be reported for posting here
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Requesting to be your first single ally

First clan war with saints 01/07
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we won the first they won the second and is there anybody online thats up for a 2x2?
Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live
Sorry guys for being afk today, but im back now
Sorry if my english is bad...
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Originally Posted by Knugroz View Post
You will have a war today, right?

Probably yes
Battle Neon vs NightGlory
Nightglory 4 - Neon 3 Good battle
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Provando que o fraco pode vencer o forte ... e nessa histora o fraco o forte ! NGY para sempre