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[R] Swordsman Set (77k+mid-value items, everything I got)
Hey! Thanks for clicking on this. I'm requesting a fairly simple set. I know what I'm offering isn't much, but it really is everything I got, minus the items that I need to apply the textures. You can check my deac for the items, I have everything there.

A reference/inspiration for the set is an image for the Swordsman Merenaries of Ragnarok Online (A game that, admittedly, I haven't played. Also, minus the cape.):

This is pretty similar to what I want. A tan-ish color sleeveless torso (with some texture, to easily differentiate from the skin color), matching pants and boots, and some sort of gloves/wraps over the hands (Fingers are preferred, but of course not necessary). Also, Joints and a head are not needed. I have this head, which I'll try to edit to fit. You can edit it yourself if you'd like, here's a watermarked flat (pm me for an unwatermarked one):

Note that you can make a head if you want, but I know they're difficult and pretty expensive.

Thank you very much for reading this, and even more so if you'll try and complete the request. I hope you guys can work with the pay.

EDIT: Forgot to add, I'll accept any art style. If you think you can do it, give it a shot. I'm not asking for much detail, just a well-made set.
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