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(Female) Iron Men

Iron Men (Fe-Male) is a global organization working to end the injustice of predatory restriction and deprivation. We promote access to knowledge and the necessary technologies required for seeking individuals to ensure better futures for themselves, and their families. We aim to provide an environment in which all individuals can explore their inner passions, and are allowed to harness their hidden talents to achieve all that they can be – without the fear of judgement or financial downplay.

Holding the powerful accountable, Iron Men uses advocacy and charity to combat systematic corruption, authoritative policies, and practices that keep people impoverished – and in need. We fight the battle for those who cannot fight for themselves. We take on inequality, inequity, and advocate for individual justices and human rights. We challenge governments, multinational corporations, international organizations, and actors who use their affluence and influence to take advantage of the vulnerable.

Our core pillars are entrepreneurship, and humanitarianism. We supply our initiates with the tools necessary to ensure success, and encourage them to bring motivation and fervor back to their respective communities – and cause a ripple effect of goodwill and fortune.

A few of our tangible aims are as below.

Key : Green = Complete | Orange = In-Progress | Black = Still to come

[X] Attain 5+ Members to Join Our Ranks
[X] Attain 10+ Iron Men to Join Our Ranks
[X] Attain 20+ Members to Join Our Ranks
[X] Complete 10 Clan Wars
[X] Complete 25 Clan Wars
[ ] Complete 50 Clan Wars; 40/50 complete
[ ] Complete 100 Clan Wars
[ ] Become Official

Respect the views and ideologies of others.
Approach confrontation with genuineness, and kindness – with the intention of resolution and amendment.
Assist the less fortunate.
Be kind to all.


Board of Directors

Executive team




Team ICA

There is no specific format by which we are holding our potential applicants to. This is an open-ended invitation to introduce yourself to us, and briefly discuss your goals and aspirations. We only ask that you include your preferred name, time zone, contact information, and favored game modes. If we are not familiar with you, your application will be our first impression of you. Include what you feel is necessary. But make it interesting! Your application is a reflection of yourself, and within everyone is a seedling ready to blossom. Tell us your story, so that we may help you move into the next chapter of your life.

This is our general chat thread. So please, direct your applications here.

Join our Discord Server!
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Hello, clan-mates. And friends.

Today, the fight against global poverty and injustice is more relevant than ever. I am proud to be aboard this project with fellow movers, thinkers, doers. Let's change the world for the better. I am excited for what the future has in store.
A pleasure to be a part of something bigger than any of us. I'll be looking forward to spending some time with you as we ride this wave of change. And potentially cause a splash of our own in human history.

I am currently working to establish a Discord server for us. It is coming soon!
I’m so glad to finally have the chance to make a real positive impact on the world around us! Thank you all for having me!

Need help? PM me!
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Of course. Glad you could all be on board. We'll be looking to branch out in the coming days to extend our outreach. Perhaps we could engage in diplomatic relations with other clans as well? I'll make myself available on Discord if anything should come up, but as a forewarning, you should know that I will be re-entering academia in the coming week, so my appointment book is quite hectic, and full. I will try to make myself more available the latter end of these coming weeks.
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Now that I'm in the clan, I can finally tell my friends that I respect girls. ^3^
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