ToriCombat League
I'm very glad to be an ally of this movement. I have another pressing matter for my fellow brave activists: how come when you haaah it blows out hot but when you hhhooooohh it's cold?
There's a simple explanation for this phenomenon. You should recall that to do more work, you require first, more input energy (or heat). Note that when you go "hoooh", the pressure that you build up starts mid-mouth; almost at your lips since you're essentially blowing. However, when you go "haaah", you're drawing in air to begin with and forcing air out from the back of your throat. This extra force that you're using to expel air results in the temperature difference. Or something.

It's fine. Not everyone can wrap their heads around this idea. And by heads,I mean hands
And by this idea, I mean my dick.

If wrapping my hands around your fat fucking cock and balls is what I must do to save the world... then so be it.

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إد هو العاهرة