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Bank Name Voting Thread
A week has passed. Time to vote for your favorite Evil Bank name.
evil Führer of Evil
Omg. Really?
We have the chance to call our bank "Bank"
Hundreds of clans. Hundreds of banks.
And we have the chance to call our bank "Bank"
Not just the best and most sensible and rarest 4 letter name for a bank, but also we could be the ones having the one and only name for our bank I can't even believe you prefer evilpurse not that it's not great but guys this is our chance I'm getting really emotional here are you serious please think about how we would be the one clan who's bank is bank pleaaaase think about what opportunity we have here. Aaa
evil Führer of Evil
a purse is a purse afterall.....we will put our money in it.


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I want to switch my vote to bank, one of my votes was purse. now that i realize that i really want it to be bank now.
I am evil.