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Sorry guys, I feel like I've lost total interest in Toribash. Haven't played the game in a few months and still don't feel like playing at all. I'm also not very involved in clan events or discussions. Instead remaining in the clan and doing nothing, I'd rather take my leave.

This should be the last post I'll post in the [Hunters] clan forum.

Bye guys, and good luck [Hunters]!!!
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Best Clan Ever!
Bye wannin, You will be missed

Well by me of course
I'm ready for my daily dose of cringe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
omg no, please don't leave, I can tell you've been here for a long ass time. I can't really stop you, but it is your decision
Just stay in the clan, and just say hi once every two years or so. You are like the oldest member here if I am not mistaken.
Oh pls pls can we keep him, we can just think of him as like a museum artefact of sorts.
Anyways, its you're decision after all, so (no) farewell wannin.
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Bye wannin, remember us if you come back to Toribash We'll miss you!
My kicks will give you U-NO-POO.
Hunters - Trespassers will be pwned.