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[OVER] Clan League 2016

Gear up and get ready the Clan League is back!
Only one clan will emerge victorious from the dust of battle to claim their rightful spot at the top!
Do your best or face defeat at the hands of your rivals.
Who will it be this year?

At the day Clan League starts your clan must be at least two months old to be allowed to compete, additionally you must have a minimum of 5 active members as you must include a minimum of 5 People into your clans roster.
Only members on this provided roster may compete for their clan and the roster can't be edited after the League started.*
On top of that it is forbidden to participate for more than one clan with alternative acccounts.
If a match isn't arranged between two clans, both will be disqualified. If one clan however can prove that they actively attempted to set up a match and the other clan didn't, the former may be announced as winner.
Matches are a BEST OF 15 series, (First to 8 wins)
Along with the results of your matches, please post a list of games played including both participants, the winner and replays in this thread.

*No player may play more than 4 games in any round and no player may play more than 2 games in any mod.

To join the Clan League simply fill out the following application form and send 5k to MagicalSack:

Full clan name:
Age of the clan:
Average GMT:
Confirmation that you've sent the entry fee

The Bracket will be released as soon as possible after the sign up period ended!

The bracket!

If the image does not load for you or is not up to date click this link

This year we will be running Double Elimination again, meaning you will need to lose twice to be out ! Aren't second chances just great?

You have until Wednesday September 19th for Losers round.
Failure to do so results in disqualifcation.

The chance to work in conjunction with the IF team to make a 3D ingame Item for the winning Clan.
Badge under clan's name in clanboards
One item of choice from those available in the shop
* ***
TP and VIP***
10ST*** and 400K TC

One item of choice from those available in the shop
* ***
5ST*** and 125K TC

One item of choice from those available in the shop
** ***
3 ST*** and 75K TC

* with exception of subscriptions, collector items and packs
**with exception of subscriptions, collector items, packs, elite tier items and misc textures

***These will only be awarded to members that played atleast three matches in the clan league!
Special thanks to Turtle for donating 150k!

There will be multiple mods each round and every round is going to be the best of 5 mods including the bonus mod. There will be a minimum of 4 players, with a max of 4 games played per round. Spectators of your clan are allowed to watch. No player may play more than two games in a single mod.The clan war is to be finished within a week from the start of the round, if not, the win will go to the clan showing the most effort to set up a match.
If a match isn't arranged between the two clans both are disqualified from the competition.

Each round will be played in these 4 mods:

Bonus mod for lower bracket:greykido.tbm

Additionally there will be a Bonus mod from the following list :

Every mod is to be played for 3 matches.

The IRC channel used last year is to be used again. We advise you use it to set up matches and discussing anything ingame related.
To join it click here: #events

Currently signed up clans:
Team Girl Scouts
Don't Kill My Vibe
Relax All
Jeet Kune Do
Martial Arts Uncontested
Zetsubou Project
I am
The Lucky Ones
Top secret
Black Pentagram
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gg's parrot it was fun and you guys are great so i'm glad it was you guys who wo.

Here is a song for you guys
score was 8-2 replays will be posted soon and the matches that are left will be played by some off our guys that need them.
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[Parrot], [Alpha], [Parrot], [WAPOW]
[NOoT], [TL] and [TA]
Clan League 2016 2nd place holder.
Clan League 2017 1st place holder.
Gg Parrot. You showed great sportmanship and incredible skills. Even though we lost horrendously, I'm proud to say we came in behind you, wearing the silver medal.

I believe I speak for the whole community that no one expected WAPOW to be a finalist. Even though the outcome vs. Parrot was quite obvious from the start, I wouldn't lie when I say that I'm proud to be able to be one of the leaders to represent the team of friends we call our clan.

I'd like to thank every clan who fought against us for being sportsmanslike (except for liquor ). It's been a fun ride.

Next year expect the scores to be reversed. Step up your games.


Owner of Fred
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Diamond (w) vs lamby816
Diamond vs lamby816 (w)
iTemp (w) vs Swepples


Diamond (w) vs Flames
Diamond (w) vs Flames


Cold vs Swepples (w)
iTemp (w) vs lamby816
iTemp (w) vs lamby816


Moop (w) vs Swepples
Moop (w) vs Swepples

Current score: 8-2

Posting here to confirm that Parrot won, we're still waiting to complete the remaining 5 games though so as many people as possible on both teams can get the prizes conditional on having 3 games played.

GG's WAPOW, very good sportsmanship shown throughout and you deserve to be proud for proving everyone wrong. Sure you'll be even stronger next year
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Dammit, i lost that 100tc...
Thx a lot wapow!

CoNgRaTs PaRrOt!!!
Pm me for deals
Congratz to Parrot and Awesome job Wapow .

Now... Someone send me a void relax :P
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CONGRATS TO PARROT!!!! it was a lot of fun. Parrot 2 stronk boiz we had no chance. Nah but we had a lot of fun facing you guys, wish we coulda done all the games at once since that probs woulda been a lot more enjoyable but it was still awesome.

Much ggs to everyone we fought throughout this event. Everyone was a good sport and had a lot of fun. Shoutouts to Parrot, they were probs the most enjoyable to fight and I think/hope we all really enjoyed it.
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And so the final results are:
1st: Parrot
2nd: WAPOW
3rd: Obey

I'll start distributing prizes once leftover games are played.