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(OwO) OwO

Welcome to our sweet, sweet home! ^w^
Everyone is welcome as long as you follow the clan rules (and general rules of course)

Clan's Official Song:

Jake was once a lonely guy, living a lonely life.
Day after day, nothing different ever happened in his life.
One day he wanted to change, to improve as a person in life.
And to reach his dream, he’d be willing to give up anything in his life.
Unfortunately, a devil called Xikira went into his life.
Luring and changing poor Jake’s path of life.
The gods didn’t like that, and to spare Jake’s life
Both he and the devil were banished for life
Jake reincarnated into a better life
The devil’s fate is of now yet unknown, but Jake created a club to chill with people, and this is how it all started

actual clan stowory

· Be chill.
· No one-word post.
· Shitposting is tolerated, as long as things keep somewhat civil and maintain discussion.
· No brigading.
· Always be respectful to each other.
· Have fun! :3

Our main goals are:
(x) Change the clan name to OwO
( ) Be a well known and respected community
( ) Reach 1000 pages (10000 posts)
( ) Score 100 Friendly Points
(x) Make the Clan Thread's OP "animated" (we need help with that)
( ) Get a cool clan logo


Probably the most important thing in our ToriClan! >:3

(OwO) aims to be a friendly clan that spreads love with a nice behavior, but rather than just saying that from inside out,
we want your feedback too!
It's pretty simple, every time you feel like this clan or clan member was good to you, let us know and we will increase the score.
You feel like the clan is being disrespectful or bad to you, let us know too and we will decrease the clan's score.
The criteria for the score is up to you and we will never judge your decision. You can choose the ratio for each action or decision we make as you wish, if you find a bad conduct by us worthy less 100 points, we can take it. If you think we are generous and we deserve +3 points in the score, so be it.
Additionally, you can upvote or downvote this OP if you want to increment or decrement 1 point from our score and remain completely anonymous (at least I guess so).

We only ask you not to troll and be mature when giving your feedback. Reinforcing your opinion with a real reason is encouraged
P.S.: You can send your opinion through PMs too if you will.
P.P.S.: Try to keep the points at minimum like +1/-1/+2/-2 etc

Current Clan Score:

Score Changelog

· victortb (Leader)
· Lionet (Leader)
· Foxy
· Deni
· kradoxtb
· Wolfy
· Hildetorr
· bgsbnyjkss
· iwastricked
· Toriality

Want to Join?
(OwO) isn't exactly a clan about warring, playing toribash and being active in forums in general. (OwO) was created with the intend to chill as a group of friends that don't want to worry about any kind of responsibility or commitment towards the game, you can even consider us a closed group that is beyond the toribash universe, because toribash isn't the only bond that links us (the members).

And how the fuck does this tell you how to join?
Chill, I'll get there.

If you can understand what (OwO) actually is and how it works, you now should consider that we don't want to tell you how to join the clan, because we don't essentially want anyone to join the clan. What we want are friends we trust enough to have around as an equal and have lots of fun if possible.
That said, you're allowed to make a free form application in this thread if you want, or just ask to join. Our requirements are pretty much that you are nice, mature and a good company.
Well, if you lost your time reading this hoping to find a way to join the clan and now you're realizing I didn't give you any answer, that's right. Just get along with everyone here and talk to us, we like company. If you are lucky, eventually you'll get invited :^)

The Cutest Bank OwO (Clan Bank)

· OwObank
note: he's always hungry, feed him

The Amwazing Allies
You definitely should want to be in the list OwO

Current Clan Allies:

Clan Allies

Current Single Allies:

Single Allies



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