Belt: Bluet
Why?: I ...mpmhmmm im good player and i want be in Guardian clan
What clans have u been in: Another
gg: 3095654 im poland sorry for my english
2nd Dan Black Belt and above.

And wtf, you are polish, not poland. Poland is a country xD. You are not a country...
Maybe he is :O. Nobody knows. And um. yeah kamil is right you need to be 2nd Dan
<@FNugget> just said one word, and yet it hit so hard
<Rutz> danvari likes to make things as complicated as possible
Belt: Brown
Why?: Because I think I could get better then I am if u are willing to help me, cause I'm good at Akido
What clans have u been in: Fusion, I quite them they were not very exciting.
kanapanda guardian is dead all members disbanned and btw if it was alive it was just 2nd dan up sorry go find other clan :P
Belt: 10th Dan ; Clan: JollyR
Orgs: ORMO, Portugal Organization and T3AL
I want to join.........
i want to join so i can be better at toribash and be as amazing as all the clan members
im white belt
i havent been in a clan (maybe 1st time)
that answers it but plz let me join