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Requesting Clan page Art.
Hello and welcome, artists!

So today I am requesting a full DSC art for the new clan, July.

We are mostly looking for high quality art, which is of course equal to high payment, depending of how good it is, how much we like it, and how many details we find into it.

Start of by by creating the logo and a Members' Banner, wip's are very important so we could work together, achieving a better result.

There is no specific style in mind, only requirement: Make it look awesome.

I would like to know how much your willing to pay cause i am selling my time here to create something
As much as we love it and find it wirth it. You could also tell us hkw much approximately you are looking to get payed?
Hey Fire since I need to buy cool toribash items we can talk about your request if you are interested in my skills.
Hello hug.

Of course, add me on discord and message me. We will work out a thing there