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Omega (Discord Bot with Toribash Stats!)
Hey Guys, I'm releasing my bot that just gives stats on the given Toribash Username.


A cool image for you

Here's an invite link for the bot to add it to your discord server (It's hosted 24/7): -snip-

If you want the code please reply and if enough people want it I'll release it (it is very easy and also atm I don't have VSC open so I can't be arsed to get you the code ok thanks.


Get last 49 war IDs of a specified clan.
War Info on a specified war id.
Check if a username is available for a name change.
Stats on a specified toribash user, now with whether they are banned or not and staff and what staff rank they are.

One more thing, donations for hosting are appreciated. if you want to donate pm me.
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