Doing that. I'm planning to add hampa and gman, so I can throw them with cans and stuff... and kick their butt of course :P
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This Is Ef'in Epic Yo

but doesnt Crysis need a godly VGA Expansion Card??

No. You just need a supercomputer!
Even this thing can't run it:

EDIT: If you can't see the image go to http://anthive.blogspot.com/2009/11/...-computer.html
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wow nice mate ,) u could make tc from this like the enemy could be me and i pay 20k to be in the game ... vid =D
i think about half way through i had a nerd-gasm

that was BEAST!!!

and if your computer cant run crysis... download SwiftShader
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Poor hampa ;(
PS: Is it downloadable on CryMod?

I haven't released it anywhere yet.