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'lo there.
heyy! i'm cutezombie and umm.. i'm here? lol i like this game a lot. it's the only kinda physics-based fighting game i've seen, the freedom is the best thing about it. making up your own moves, you know? i wish that'd be in more games c: yeah. oh and i'm a girl - i know, unheard of right? lolol jk.. maybe!
Hi there, good to see you on the forums if you need anything feel free to pm me or anyone on this list. See ya around
<Vox> meh, you never end up anywhere in computer
<Vox> you are just where ever you are
<avwave> its always fun to eat a polymorph ring
<avwave> unless you morph into a basilisk in a room full of mirrors
<Vox> I just imagine a guy in a lab coat and fluffy gloves holding a snowflake being stared down by the university research managers
hey, welcome to the awesomeness we call toribash, see ya around ingame