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Hey guys! My name is 3gyptian, and umm uhh, hi ?
I'm kinda new to this game but have made some TC with a booster which I bought a bunch of stuff with.

Here's a full view of my character.






Sorry bout the bad quality pics

Looking good, how about some dope 3gyptian dstuff.?
(sumthing s really wrong with ma keyboard, cant delete characters)
Brendan (he who passeth judgement on the frequent changing of signatures): I don't do hentai anymore
Sorry that I couldn't edit my last post...but here's an update on my trails I made 'bout 4 hours ago.



Nice textures, I haven't even got any yet haha! Well welcome to the game, It sounds like you're having fun so far ^-^
Thanks, and yeah, I've been having a good time.

I've actually improved a lot since my first start of the game.
Also, I make My Own textures...
Send Me A PM And I might make some textures for you guys... For a price of course...

If you want to see me in-game or anything like that, marketing, friends, or clans or something just PM me.
If you want just ask me anything, of my Tori, personality, or hobbies, I'll reply with an answer with maybe a screenshot...If it has something to do with my Tori's look.
Thanks guys, talk to you soon.

If you want to see a better view of my textures, please meet me in-game because the screenshots are sort of blurry to be honest.
In-game they are much more sharpened and I think you'll see them much clearer.

Looking good, I hope you enjoy your stay in toribash.

PM me for buy, sell, and trade!