I support this. The Public::Wushu server typically has a healthy five to seven player population, but lately it's been having flooding periods of nine or more people.

But is there any particular reason for Wushu3 over brushu? Just asking because there currently isn't an official server for brushu without belt requirements.
w3 over brushu just because it's a bit more quick, even tho brushu is better
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Nother thing I'll add is: reaction time can't be 10.

Was working with the legistics of 10 second RT wushu3 yesterday and while i was able to make about 1.5 cbs a game, most fairly good players were only a step past "dancing/dq dodging"

So 650 frames 15 RT would be worth looking at.
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cool idea, public room is full, and wushu8 is empty, also adding a dq timeout and arena (or dojo) would make it better