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>.< I feel old
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that no-one knows who I am, that's fine.
I've been playing Toribash on and off for 5 years now ( T.T makes me feel old).

I remember playing way back when I only had a demo account, then, for what ever reason I stopped playing after a while.
Some time later(When the game went free) I started playing again, and just have kinda always had Toribash installed on my computer. So I just kinda played once or twice a week.

Anyways, I want to become more involved with the community, thus my posting here

And I kinda already know most of you *Lurk Lurk*
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Sup Biomek, I remember you! I have seen you like once or twice!

Well, welcome(or welcome back) to the community, feel free to PM me with any question you have!

Nice, we did join in the same month, same year, and I'm just a few days older than you *-*
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Nice seeing the old schoolers coming back.
I am older then both of you though, April, 2008.
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Good bye DestinyPower. Cya in 10yrs

It's nice too see old schoolers back, It's like bringing toribash together....
Don't send me PM's, I don't read them.
Psht, not old enough. ;) Anyways, welcome back and have a great time (again?)!
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I tend to wonder what kind of people are just lurking the forums or not visiting the forums at all.
We might've missed some really great people.

hope to see ya in-game ;o
I have only lurked in the forum for months too. Sometimes we just don't know how/where to begin
Pois nasci nunca vi amor
E ouço del sempre falar
When i started playing TB i used to lurk from forums but now i am addicted to it.
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