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(About myself) Let me Introduce myself! [JayXManHD] {Not new to the game}
Hello Toribash Friends, I'm JayXManHD.

I am a video editor that also is a YouTuber. I really love editing and I know some of my videos aren't that great. But I'm looking foward to doing something with the people like Planning Tourneys, Getting 10k TC a day, but mostly having fun with people. I like fighting games like Toribash. I can say that a lot of things inspire me to do something. I really want to make art as well as many other things.Ever since I left Toribash for a few months... I notice a lot of things have changed. Like the Gameplay, Events, and the Tori itself.I love the idea of the game and I would like to see how it is in the future. I try my best to stay active on Toribash everyday. I would love to be GM as well but they wouldn't accept me. But The thing I know that I love my Career and the inspiration. I would like to make a lot more friends here on Toribash too.

Video Editor: Sony Vegas (Latest versions)

If you have questions let me know