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Scale value on art.
Employ some people to rate arts like sets or heads.

Raison: Actually in Art/Texture you can see so much abuse about the quality of art.
if you see "Super amazing Hq set" you'll probably find something like


(generally overpriced)

Sure everyone got there own taste about art but if you want a Hq set detailed it would be nice to find it in 1 click.

So I purpose.
We create a scale in function of the type of texture (cartoon, robotic, anime etc...)

for example "A-B-C-D- etc..."

a same price for each category (A= 200k+/ B=100k+ etc...)

And the guy who rate arts purpose a title like:
"In function of your offer and the category of your art your title will be
"#C head-cartoon-cheap resolution-256x256""

For a better art
"In function of your offer and the category of your art your title will be
"#A Set-Robotic-High resolution-512x512""

I made this suggestion to avoid the chaos we actually got in art/texture.
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Originally Posted by JuicyTin View Post
Artist's can value their art on their own, it's their fault if it's too "over priced", even if their art is bad. In my opinion think this will mess up art marketing

The final goal is the organisation of this part of the forum, artists can't set there price well.
The majority of toribashians got between 12-15 years old so it's "I want to win mooooney!" but when you are looking for a set you miss real arts and real good texture because of that type of guy (no offense)

"Artist's can value their art on their own"
"their fault if it's too "over priced""

That fuck?.... be logic please, overprice is not the good price.

"In my opinion think this will mess up art marketing"
Give me only 1 reason...
Originally Posted by zwouter View Post
I think it would be nice if there were sub forums like realistic, tribal, minimalistic, maybe a few more.
But nothing more then that, everybody has their own taste of art, you can already asks it's price in the megathread.

Originally Posted by d3noth View Post
Do you really expect someone to sell their set as "Class D/ not that good".

If the quality is bad, I think it's normal to say it in the title.

You know what "fair" is?7

And "class D" would mean a price range between 20-40k like that if you only have 20-40k you just have to find "Class D"

You got it?
Originally Posted by phail View Post
This is much the same as in real life, there's nothing stopping you from describing something as being better than it is because it's all subjective, so long as you aren't lying about actual facts. The real problem is that people don't understand this, the only chaos comes from people who are bothered by this fact and decide to make a post in the thread insulting their artwork. This is why there is the rule that any comments about the actual artwork should be PMed and not posted. I honestly think that if such a thing as this was implemented, we would just have people complaining about the rater's decision instead.

Originally Posted by JSnuffMARS View Post
Just allow people to post that artwork is 'crap' on threads, please. So people are informed and so we get more posts.

^ my oppinion

C'mon tell me you are not to class these sets in A and B category (A>B)

Cmon this is not that hard...

Seriously this is nothing more than that.

+ a same model for every thread.
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*feeling ignored*

So what you're thinking about is a board with categories like "20k~50k", "60k~100k" and so on? This would be a bit helpful for those looking for a set, but again, if the seller has the right to post on that board he would probably fit his set within the biggest value possible, whether its the right price or not.
if someone buys the work at that price it's obviously worth that much to that person, art is subjective. its like ranking genres of music, it doesnt work.
I don't support this idea because in my opinion it would be almost impossible to carry out. It might work with community size of WoW or CoD but not here... yet.
This idea would completely ignore the fact that many sets would be put in different classes they don't deserve to be in.

I do agree, however, with what zwouter suggested. I believe having various tags for different price ranges would be quite better for the Market in general.
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art is subjective, every person would price an item differently. Much like how not everyone would appreciate Da Vinci's Mona Lisa if they didn't just dick-ride with everyone else.
I once got a bid for 50k on my 128 weed head.

The only way this would work effectively is if you had a board of people judging art non-stop around the clock; which would take too much manpower.
As it stands, all this idea would really do is make everyone post their 128 blazing smoke weed dank sets as HQ sets. If anything it'd probably make it worse.

Either way, if you really want a good set they are still out there. The fact is that it takes longer to make them so obviously there will be less threads of them, so yeah
more threads with shit threads to sift through on your journey.
This could work if there was an art critic squad but that would mean getting more staff and using more people's times, why can't you just decide whether you like a piece of art and want to buy it or not?
Wait, is that a thread that suggests setting static prices for art? Any user is allowed to set his own price (and he WILL do even if "employed people" tell him not to) because as long as people buy his art it's fine. That's how market works, you can get 2 sets that look almost the same for different prices, because the first one was made by some cool guy and the second one is being sold by Noob241SUPERxPRO. That's what people spend time on texture making and I don't see any reason in restricting great artists to selling textures for the same sums of TC any beginner does.
What? are you really thinking that the price of set have to be state by the artist and not on his quality? wtf man? if a """great""" artist create a low quality set, when he will sell it, with my solution he can't cheat on the price, the quality is "poor" the mark will be "poor" so the price will be the same than a noob who make a "poor" quality set, it's fair, on the market you will get the title, the price and the mark you deserve.
and "static price for art" is wrong.
it should be something like this.
-Class S: 400 000 tc +
-Class A: 400k - 200k
-Class B: 200k - 100k
-Class C: 100k - 90k
-Class D: 90k - 70k
-Class E: 70k - 50k
-Class F: 50k - 30k
-Class G: 30k - 10k
-Class H: 10k-
It's an example, I know it would be hard to determine which set go more in, for example, E or F category.
But look, I take me in example, I got 20k in bank so if I want to get a new set, I just have to find a thread with "Class G" on it and I'm directly on.
+ if I want a special type of set like "cartoon" I just have to find "Class G - Cartoon" and if I only have 256 texture, I just have to find "Class G - Cartoon - 256"
Whats wrong with that?
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This is a horrible idea, putting a price tag on someone else's art for them to sell.
That's like say I come to sell something to you, and some random guy pops up and says how much I have to sell it for, just no.

Bold letter rejection.
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