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[RMO] Alliances


This thread shows the organizations, clans or similar types of instances RMO has an alliance with. For us, alliances are supposed to be an intersection to provide help where it's needed. This could be in form of help for event prizes, mod creation or the general sharing of playerbase interests. We take those alliances pretty serious and we asure you that every logo on this list is here for a good reason.

If you are interested in having an alliance with RMO, please pm Destram for further details and information.

(ORG) [STRIKING Reborn] aims to gather the main striking mods under one banner and promote them through tournaments and individual leagues. The org will provide a bunch of new mods strongly inspired by lenshu3ng, rk-mma and wushu, but modified to suit higher standards and offer a deeper gameplay thanks to a more consistent point distribution system specifically adapted for striking mods. The org will also assume a school aspect and try to help new strikers by offering them tips and support from more experienced players in order to help them progress toward their own goals.
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