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most distance traveled in 500 frames
the original ed was 4700, don't know how to change it

shitting self!!!!
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Go to notepad
Open replay on there
Go to this line:


Change the bolded number to whatever ED you want
Delete ALL POS lines (will take a couple of minutes to do)

Do this, and you might have a shot at breaking it, assuming you keep your angle straight.
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ok thnak

changed to 4k

Originally Posted by Orko View Post
1 month = 50k + 5ST
3 months = 75K + 7ST
6 months = 100K + 10ST
1 year = 150K + 15ST
2 years = 220K + 20ST
3 years = 300K + 22ST
4 years = 400K + 25ST
5+ years = 500K + (100K * X number of years after the 5) + 30ST

since this was like 11 months will it just be rounded up?
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I think they'll round it down since it doesn't match up to anywhere within a YEAR of time
But hey you might get lucky idk
is kyure alive?
you have to touch uke in order for it to be valid

also, i don't know if having dismemberments before reaching the distance should be allowed. losing body parts means the tori becomes lighter and faster, although in this case it was just a foot. in a more extreme situation if we allow dms someone could simply dismember themselves and throw the bodypart towards uke or something similar. i'll ask the other lmods about this
oh yeah
Yeah dismembers can be easily abused. I vote for no DMs unless the record specifically depends on it (ie: highest skeet).

Would this make any excisting records unviable?
I think we had a record like most points in a single hit, and they glitches there torn off foot into nukes chest causing insane damage, can't check to see if we still have it though
i feel theres a big difference between a ukebashing-based and a speed based replay
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But if a joint glitches out, it can propel force that borderlines the norm. Propeling said object that it's coming from because there's no where for the object to go if it's slammed against the ground but back at the owner, right?