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Crediting Item Forgers

It's come to my attention that many of the 3d items made in this game are worn by many players, but are simply ignored in terms of who made them/finding out who made them; I mean, 3D modeling IS a form of art after-all.

I believe the models for older items and newer items should have their respective forgers listed whether they're in the torishop or in the shiai token exchange.

I've spoken with sir on this matter once in discord, and he said there's no rule about hiding/keeping forgers' identities withdrawn publicly as to who's forged what in this game.

Perhaps a sticky could be made in the arts/textures thread to list out each forger and which item he or she has made?

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I renamed the thread for clarity ~Kore / ~suo
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This is really importance since anyone can take credit at this point.
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imo not neccessary. not all of them do it for the "fame".

they get their credit for making the items, no need to open it up for public.

if you want to know the maker of an item you can ask, but why make it public? whats the benefit?
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The benefit is knowing the original and true creator of said 3d items.
As Enclave said: "in terms of who made them/finding out who made them; I mean, 3D modeling IS a form of art after-all."

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This is really importance since anyone can take credit at this point.

I don't think the fame part is really that important, it's more or less just letting users know who made what.

But yeah i like this idea.
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Lmao its not a secret who the item forgers are tho, not like just anyone can convince anyone clever that they did it.

And its really up to the IF. This suggestion is a little silly really. If the forgers really asked noone would snub them. It hasnt come up, so it hasnt been added.
Honestly, as an item forger myself, I absolutely agree with this. It would be a minor thing to toss in the "forged by X" thing we have in so many items' descriptions already, and knowing who made what would be very useful sometimes...

I question, though, why YOU would need to know enclave? I highly doubt you're so stuck on this for the benefit of anyone else.

it may be that some would like to see some kind of portfolio when requesting custom items?
tho there arent alot of requests rn
and no one's currently handling the custom item matters
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Well there are forged items not necessarily made by people in the item forgers role, myself for example have made one of the items in the shop and I'm not in the item forgers, no one knows. and credit could get lost and just think "an item forger just made it".

Like ragey said, I could use said item for a portfolio.
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While it's nice to have a tag that says "This item was made by ______" it's not entirely necessary for a portfolio. It's more or less to prop up yourself as a forger or creator. There are plenty of websites for hosting pictures of your work which you can share on the art section of the forum. It's a choice to show off your items or not.
I'm sure barely anyone even wants to know...

If it's really for a request it could be posted in the Request Board.

Alot of the Item Releases announced in the IF News Board also mentioned the Creator