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music: Triathalon - Bad Mood

replays: Perfect01, Luigiznhu

Programs: Vegas 14

I loved it, some nice lights effects and transitions there. Care for the pixelisation during some zooms

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

song : ¥ANG 〽️€+4/_ - finna skate

replays by : largekilla and luigizinhu

softwares used : toribash, fraps and after effects
The camera work is totally beast, really nice !
Also, good use of the atmo wich it really fit with the effects.

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

That was one of the best Toribash Edit's I've seen in a while @Luigizinhu
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Replays: Perf
Song: Sounds of Life - constant=change
Program: Vegas14
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hey don't listen to these retards saying these are the best tb edits they've seen in a while, you're probably the last good tb editor. u have entered the top tier of tb edits along with isolations nd glimpsed ALL DEM!

gj mane
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Replays: Perf
Song: Sounds of Life - constant=change
Program: Vegas14

Mano, muito foda essa daqui
de certa forma achei um pouco diferente das outras edits suas que eu vi, mas tem algumas partes dessa que me lembram bastante as edits do sly. Fora que eu amei os angulos e todo o trabalho com keyframing

já pedi pro vic te falar pelo discord que eu adorei porque não to tendo como ir lá mas nunca é demais reforçar
<[Vector]Aadame> damn pat with his mod skills
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replays: Miracle11, Lionet, Perf, AlphaN00b
Music: The last dinossaus - Purist
Programs: fraps , vegas 14
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Replay: Perf
Song: Solange - Almeda
Progams: fraps, vegas 14
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a collab that i made with Loige 2 years ago with we didn't finished
,made with vegas 15
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