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Suggest a good tv show.
I've literally run out of ideas and tv shows to watch. I would love to hear some suggestion.

If I was able to have one wish, it would be to live closer to my one true love Fred, his beard tastes so nice.
He is also a far superior tk player.
Twin Peaks, especially season 1 and 2, as they're considered a CERTIFIED HOOD CLASSIC
I really never was into older shows. I will however look into it. Any other newer suggestions tho?

If I was able to have one wish, it would be to live closer to my one true love Fred, his beard tastes so nice.
He is also a far superior tk player.
Do you watch kdrama

Love Alarm
While You Were Sleeping
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boardwalk empire
the deuce
Brooklyn nine nine
it crowd
the warrior
wu tang an american saga
bojack horseman is one of my favorite ever, great show.
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Resten fixar jag
Resten fixar jag

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im really enjoying Mr Robot lately, it's pretty good despite some exhausting plots
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House of Cards if you want something to think about it really pulls you in. IMO
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I just started Schitt's Creek, pretty humorous show. I'm on 3rd season rn, so I've been watching for long enough to say it's pretty damn good!!!
i can vouch for schitt’s creek, mr robot, bojack horseman, and brooklyn 99. very good shows but i never finished brooklyn or mr robot. idk what you like and ive watched a huge variety of stuff so heres some suggestions

westworld - sci-fi. western themed amusement park where robots go wackydoodle

you - thriller(?), comedy. follow a love obsessed stalker. can be emotionally taxing at times

lucifer - comedy. i particularly like this show for its humor. its technically dceu/arrowverse but its so barely connected, (like, 1 episode of arrow features lucifer for 5 minutes), that you shouldnt really think about it. lucifer is also way better than arrow imo

black mirror - very dark dystopian sci-fi thriller(!) - not for the feint of heart. watching an entire season can potentially mentally drain you for the rest of the day. its not a chronological episode list as each one is essentially its own short film, however they all center around the same concept of some kind of dystopia. personal favorites are bandersnatch, black museum, and white christmas(!).

the boys - very dark and possibly the most disgusting tv show ive watched in a long time. i havent finished this one. if youre planning on watching it with others, make sure youre good friends. its based off a comic book series of the same name, and combines the toxicity of celebrity culture and superheroes. thats all i will say

the midnight gospel - animated podcast. not so much a show you watch instead of listening. this is a show with a lot of philosophical discussions and is visually stunning.
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