nice progress, there is some little aesthetic things like your left elbow extending middle of the c9 etc but those are subtle whatever things and not big deal. the biggest thing here is that your vns is like 90+ degrees short, due to ur landing from c9 being little off, which makes it pretty hard to do anything smooth from it, like ideally youd have your chest and toes facing almost towards uke during the end of the setup.
this transition is pretty much just all about weight maintaining and pretty advanced controlling of the momentum which can be pretty tricky stuff to get right
i did a little edit to try visualising what i mean i hope it is helpful good job anyways kool progress
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nice cartwheel
swings can use some work, more sync with torso and arms (best one was in bacterial

also avoid fully rotating your chest the other way when doing kicks and corks or whatever, doesnt look rly good and makes it harder to recover/set up for new trix
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the cartwheel was really nice. i think you're extending your abs too early on your launches and it's sort of maybe cucking your momentum.