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How do i gain momentum?
i really want to learn, because i dont get dismemberments often. i play singleplayer, but i dont ever get a decap because i dont know how to gain speed and momentum, and plus, when i do get a lot of speed it makes the replay a lot better so, someone please help me lol
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I suggest u look at this thread or look at this ConCon video

Its not the main priority in terms of dismembering uke. You have to do a precise kick/punch to any joint uke has. Its just having precision, not really momentum. Heres a replay of mine where i have no momentum at all and still decap uke.
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Running away...
I agree with Corredor that it is more of a precision thing and not exactly momentum. I really appreciate both helpful tips though, the reply and the thread linked. It helped me a lot. No decapitations as of yet but I see improvement in my strategy. I am gonna practice, practice, practice. Thank you!
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