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Tori Costumisation in-game (Presets)
So I thought it would be cool to have costum presets ingame.

Instead of picking individual things, like 3d items and colors in-game, you can save presets that would take less time to activate.

So the concept is;

You pick the color, ghost, 3D items etc and when you're done with it, you can press "Save preset" and give it a name.
The presets will be in its own category, either inside the "Open Inventory" or underneath it, like a small "Tori presets" button.

When you want to do some changes in that preset, you can go into the preset -> press Inventory -> choose whatever and then hit Save.

Instead of the idea of Sets, where you can't duplicate the item as a copy so it's easier to activate the items you want to switch.

Upside / Downside with this concept?
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So essentially like what you have in COD with weapon loadouts but with customization items for the Tori?Would be cool for those who actually change their shit up frequently i guess, then again it wouldn't really matter for most of the playerbase though

Still a cool concept i wouldn't be mad about having implemented.
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this would be an amazing feature

you could argue that sets were made for this exact reason though you have to have multiple of the same item if you want it in multiple sets but not all the sets you want to make, always having to change certain items and switch them around in sets is one of my least favorite things and not having to go through like 8 sets to find one item everytime i wanna change the way something looks and having it all just be a button press will definitely make me change the way my tori looks more often.

also if you want to go the extra mile you can include textures in this preset function, that would make people with large collections of art able to easily use their favorite sets without having to go through all the effort of setting the textures manually.
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Pretty good suggestion Having a Preset feature would be good . Being able to make a preset and just get everything on with 1 click would be amazing