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Room List rework suggestions
Hi, I'm remaking room list menu with the 5.60 update and I'm looking for suggestions on what to change there.
Main reason for the change is that we're migrating the majority of our C++ interfaces to Lua so that it's easier to maintain in future when it comes to multiplatform support.

Do you think the current functionality is sufficient and it's better to keep the menu the same or do you think we should do something completely different with that menu?
Some additional filters? Better new room creation experience? Better highlighting of featured rooms depending on your belt + mod preferences?

Please share any suggestions that you have
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bleeeh :P
I think an update on how it looks would be great, maybe making it so it's not a shift from the main menu and instead having it kind of integrated into the main menu would be nice. For functionality it seems fine personally, not usually something you have to sort through as the amount of players on at a time isn't overwhelming usually, although something like favourited rooms that show up in the main menu seems nice, or even preset rooms that have the rules and settings already done when you load it
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I like what DaBoomba said about room presets, I imagine the functionality could be extended to lua and could be particularly helpful for ES rooms where it could automatically set most of the standard room options for the type of ES room. Presets could just reside in a lua file somewhere that could be editable, or an entire system for editing them could be made in game, who knows.
I think rooms where you can earn TC should be denoted with a TC icon. This would help differentiate between "official" rooms and user created rooms.

I support DaBoombas suggestion of more options when creating a room. The in game menus are a huge improvement to the old slash commands but users still need to know multiple shortcut key combinations in order to fully set up a room with their desired mod and settings.

It would also be useful if you could see how many people are specced vs active in a room before joining it. This would avoid joining rooms with 1 afk player in it as well as not joining a room with a massive amount of people in it when the majority of them are afk.
New Mp Menu
Honestly the multiplayer menu looks fine, it can use some features such as being able to see who’s spectating and playing because joining a room only to find out that everyone is afk or spectating is irritating.

Having the ability to see who’s active and in spectator mode is useful, but there should also be a room customization tab so it’s easier to customize your room. An improvement to the “create room” GUI would also be nice since it looks a little out dated.

Inspiration for being able to view who’s spectating comes from Corey.
I think being able to see the queue order, spectators, people's statf roles and such. Maybe also some sort of indicator for knockout/hotseat/duel modes.
Things i would like too see changed:
  • 1. You can't see details when joining a random match. (Things like spectators, afk players and such.)
  • 2. You cannot see which rooms are private or not.
  • 3. Add an indicator if the room is official or not.
  • 4. Etourneys, oficial events and things as that should be Highlighted on the search menu since they are official. (+ they would look cooler)
  • 5. Rework the "Room creator" tab because its tiny, and looks old.
  • 6. Fix quick Aikidos, their name are strange and not well fitting for the mode. (No begginer understands what qa means, i've been asked a lot about the name.)
  • 7. Add a tag to clan rooms just like you do with official rooms.
  • 8. Rework the design because it doesnt fit compared to the start menu and the other menus. (except the mod maker menu, ow... that thing gives me nightmares.)
well um, this is it i guess.
Thats all my suggestions.
(i know its a lot and im sorry)
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let me know who has op in room in the playerlist so i can avoid joining rooms with braindead kids with operator powers
also turn that horrid white background black so my eyes dont explode
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