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Room List rework suggestions
Hi, I'm remaking room list menu with the 5.60 update and I'm looking for suggestions on what to change there.
Main reason for the change is that we're migrating the majority of our C++ interfaces to Lua so that it's easier to maintain in future when it comes to multiplatform support.

Do you think the current functionality is sufficient and it's better to keep the menu the same or do you think we should do something completely different with that menu?
Some additional filters? Better new room creation experience? Better highlighting of featured rooms depending on your belt + mod preferences?

Please share any suggestions that you have
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- Changeable background instead of white only, transparent function with blur perhaps

- Able to select mod before creating the server

- Make the "Room detail" list slightly wider and longer

- Customised server filter (Add/ Remove, like a check-box of what you want to see)

- Highlighted server in the serverlist when there's an ETourney, like those shoutouts messages while in a server

- Add a box around the "New room, back, refresh" preferebly

- Have the same font as the "new room" font for "Room, description, mod etc" at the top bar

- "Room Detail" box, if they have any TC decapprize and how much it is.

- If any player have bounty on their head, like a sheriff hat icon, quicker way to find bounties ;)

OPT; Might be a big step, but get a preview on the actual server and what kind of mod they're playing?
Video function to see a little square when they're playing before joining?
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also turn that horrid white background black so my eyes dont explode

Agreed a darkmode would be a good feature
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New room list is now available for preview in 5.60 alpha builds: https://forum.toribash.com/showthrea...4#post11881474
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